How it Works


When ready to start our Express Review, you will be invited to tell us a little bit about you and your business. We only ask what we absolutely need to know to qualify your business as quickly as possible. Some questions include:

  • When did you start your business?

  • What industry are you in?

  • How much revenue did the business generate int he past six months?

One of our loan officers will contact you for more information. If you are a good fit for one of our loan products. In most cases we can review your application in a just a few hours so you can get back to running your business.


Recent Transaction

We invite you to review a sample of business loans we’ve approved for real business owners. The amounts and terms provide a broad representation of the loans we successfully fund every day.


Why We Are Different

Applying for a loan can be a confusing and expensive process if you go to the wrong lender. Over the years we have focused on delivering the fastest loan decisions at the lowest rates with the least amount of hassle by streamlining the application process and arming our team with the best financial technology in alternative lending.

Business owners need more than just a quick loan decision and a competitive rate. They want a relationship they can depend on, which is where Quick Loan Financial stands out from the competition.


Compare Us

At Quick Loan Financial, a simple review of your bank statements and some specifics about your business allows us to accurately approve and fund your business. Instead of a rigid 4-8 week review and the back and forth shuffle, we can offer you loan terms in just a few hours. Since most borrowing is reactive and oftentimes unplanned, the approval review and processing needs to be accelerated.